ACLA Panel: Rural Political Resistance

deadline for submissions: 
September 20, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Stefka Hristova, Michigan Technological University
contact email: 

ACLA Panel on Rural Political Resistance seeks paper proposals.
The rural is often figured as a temporally backward and politically conservative mass. In the context of Italy, Antonio Gramsci considered the rural to be subordinate to the intelligence of the city and yet was well aware that the “relations between urban population and rural population are not of a single, schematic type” (91) and further that “sometimes the paradox occurs that a rural type is more progressive than a self-styled urban type” (92). Through an exploration of literary and visual texts, this proposal seeks the rethinking of ways in which the rural can be seen as a vital part in articulating political resistance. Possible topics of exploration include but are not limited to:
Land conservation, natural resources and the rural
Gift economy and the countryside
Agrarian imaginaries and the Anthropocene
Environmental protection and rural life
Spaces and places of politics in rural landscapes
Papers can include research on a variety of cultural objects, fine arts, "artistic" and "non-artistic" forms of photography, film, theatre, and literature. This panel hopes to generate a cross-medium discussion about how we make scholarship about rural politics that complicates the received historical models and 
methodologies through focused case-studies.

Submit a 300 word abstract and a brief bio to Stefka Hristova - by September 20th.