Evelyn Scott Society -- American Literature Association 2019 -- Deadline for abstracts January 9, 2019

deadline for submissions: 
January 9, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Evelyn Scott Society
contact email: 

30th Annual American Literature Association

May 23-26, 2019

Boston, MA


The Evelyn Scott Society invites abstracts of 1-2 pages on the American writer Evelyn Scott

(1893-1963). Papers may focus on any of her works (novels, memoir, poetry, young adult

literature), and they may take any contemporary critical approach. We are especially

interested in papers that investigate the process of canonicity, the literary networks to which

Scott belonged, or the role of disability in her career, but all topics will be considered. Scott

participated in various and major literary currents during her writing life, including Imagism,

naturalism, and modernism, and she had a wide variety of literary mentors, including Lola

Ridge, Kay Boyle, Theodore Dreiser, Waldo Frank, William Carlos Williams, and Jean

Rhys, among others. The range of her work within these currents was wide, and included

lyric poetry, modernist novels, an avant garde memoir, historical fiction, and political fiction.

Please send abstracts and a CV to Caroline Maun at caroline.maun@wayne.edu on or before

January 9th, 2019.


The American Literature Association’s 30th annual conference will meet in Boston on

May 23-26, 2019. For further information, please consult the ALA website at www.americanliterature.org.

Please visit our website (www.evelynscott.org) to provide membership information for this dues-free

organization. All are welcome.