Old and Middle English Language and Literature: Medieval Merging of Old and New Knowledge and Practice

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April 19, 2019
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Midwest Modern Language Association
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The coexistence in practice though not always in name of sometimes very different knowledges is both an ancient and modern concern. The Middle Ages saw the development of the concept of translatio studii alongside a growing interest in translation from other languages and cultures, both ancient and contemporary. At its core, translatio studii is the absorption of knowledge or practice from one culture into another, resulting in a text or practice that presents itself as part of the dominant culture, but retains something of its origins as well. The coexistence of both the original and the adopted/adapted form in terms of creating new meaning, covering old meaning, or a balance between the two sources lends itself well to the theme of “Duality, Doubles and Doppelgängers”.

This panel seeks any papers that concentrate on Old or Middle English languages and cultures, but would particularly welcome those which explore, in the spirit of translatio studii, instances in which one language, culture, or individual adopts knowledge, narrative, or practice from another as their own. Examples include but are not limited Christian and pagan, conqueror and native, hand written and type face, and literary borrowing across time and geography both cited and (more frequently) uncited.     

Please send abstracts of approximately 350 words, along with a CV or brief biographical statement, to Dr. Kathleen Burt at kathleen.burt@mga.edu by no later than April 19, 2019 (extended deadline).