The Other #MeToos

deadline for submissions: 
March 20, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
University of North Texas
contact email: 

Seeking proposals for MLA 2020 convention: Proposal should investigate questions like what does #MeToo mean in non-Western countries? What does/can #MeToo do for non-Western women? How does #MeToo affect non-Western feminisms? How deos #MeToo translate into non-Western feminisms and cultures? What is #MeToo's place in postcolonial feminism? How can we encourage and engage with inclusive feminisms in the contemporary times? How does #MeToo co-exist with other geographical and religio-political beliefs?

Overall, I seek to discuss #MeToo in non-white and/or non-Western demographics and geographies. 

Please submit 300 words long proposals, with a brief bio at by 20th March 2019. 

Feel free to ask any questions at the same email address too.