Journal Accepting Submissions in Literature, Theory, Language, Culture, and Translation

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October 1, 2019
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Journal of Foreign Languages and Cultures
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Journal of Foreign Languages and Cultures, launched in December 2017, is a unique enterprise in the humanities as a journal published in English in China aimed at an international readership. Published by Hunan Normal University Press every June and December, contributors to the first four issues include J.H. Prynne, Ottmar Ette, Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Charles Bernstein, Chris Weedon, Mark Turner, Herman Rapaport, Robert Archambeau, Aldon Lynn Nielsen, Tyrone Williams, Jonathan Stalling, Brian Reed, Wenshu Zhao, Jiang Hongxin, Zhang Longxi, Alan Golding, Barrett Watten, and Ishmael Reed, among many others. We cover the topics of literature, translation, culture, pedagogy, theory, and language, and are especially interested in innovative and interdisciplinary scholarship. The journal's editorial advisory board is comprised of distinguished international writers and scholars, and all submissions are anonymously peer reviewed. Accepted contributions are typically 4,000-7,000 words. The style is MLA. Submissions may be sent to or Inquiries before submitting are welcome and recommended. March 1 is the submission deadline for the June issue; September 1 is the deadline for the December issue.