MMLA: Imagining Palestine (Film, Lit, Music, etc.)

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April 15, 2019
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Bowling Green State University
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Imagining Palestine: Identity, Trauma, and Memory in Palestinian Film and Literature Special Session proposed for the Midwest Modern Labguage Association Meeting November 14-17, 2019 in Chicago.

This Special Session invites papers on film and literature that explore experiences of Palestinian people and culture in the Occupied Territories and in the diaspora.  In their book, Palestinian Cinema: Landscape, Trauma, Memory (Indiana UP, 2005), Nurith Gertz, and George Khleifi address the predicament of Palestinians as, on the one hand, a people that "history has forgotten" and on the other as a people that have "overlooked history."  This sense of being outside history, of being in a constant search for home, for continuity, is often the subject of many films and novels about the Palestinian experience. While literary and filmic representations of Palestinian culture, trauma, and memory give voice to the "unvoiced" everyday Palestinian experience, they can be perceived also as consuming the historical narratives of Palestinian trauma and culture.  Papers can also address how film and literature depict Palestinians living though the trauma of loss in representations of national and cultural identity while continuing their everyday existence.  Papers can explore these issues in documentary and/or feature films made by not only Palestinian filmmakers but also by filmmakers from around the world including joint productions between Israelis and Palestinians on various aspects of the Palestinian conflict.

Please email abstracts to Khani Begum at by April 15, 2019.