Public Arts and Humanities Writing Workshop

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April 29, 2019
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Deadline Extended: Public Arts and Humanities Writing Workshop 

ASAP/11: Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present

Ecologies of the Present. 10-12 October 2019. University of Maryland

This public arts and humanities writing workshop provides a platform for ASAP participants to develop writing projects and collaborations distinct from those typically encouraged within the professional frameworks of academic institutions. Specifically, this workshop brings together ASAP’s varied constituency of scholars, writers, artists, and editors to exchange feedback on writing for multidisciplinary, public-facing publications. This workshop follows the enthusiasm for and success of the first public arts and humanities writing workshop, held at ASAP/10, which paired a dozen participating writers with editorial readers who have written or edited for LARB, Slate, New York Times Magazine, Harper’s Magazine, The Atlantic, and Pelican Bomb, among other publications.

The ASAP/11 workshop will be structured around small writing groups, each led by at least one publication editor or experienced public-facing writer. Participants will pre-circulate 1000-word pieces within their small groups, and each writer will receive at least 20 minutes of detailed feedback during the session. We will close the session with a 30-minute full-group Q&A with the panel of editors. Please note that this seminar is also designed to accommodate interested audience members who are not workshopping their writing: each small group will be open to observers wishing to learn from the editorial process, and everyone is welcome to ask questions in the Q&A.

Participation in this seminar is non-selective--our mission is to create a fully inclusive opportunity for all ASAP attendees. If interest exceeds capacity, participants will be chosen through a random drawing, with two-thirds of participant slots reserved for those with little to no experience with public writing of this kind, especially graduate students, artists, and early-career and non-tenured faculty.

In order to facilitate the formation of workshop groups, interested participants should submit a short bio and an abstract for the piece they plan to workshop by April 29th. Contact Kyle Frisina, (, Adena Rivera-Dundas (, and Maryam Parhizkar (

Note that there will be no expectations that editors will publish any particular pieces, nor that writers will be restricted to submitting their eventual pitch or piece to a given editor.