Fabricating the Body--MMLA permanent section--April 19 deadline

deadline for submissions: 
April 19, 2019
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Midwest Modern Language Association (MMLA)
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Midwest Modern Language Association (MMLA), November 14-17, 2019, in Chicago, Illinois.



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Fabricating the Body

This panel welcomes a wide range of proposals for scholarly presentations that seek to apply this year’s MMLA conference theme—“Duality, Doubles and Doppelgängers”—to literary, artistic or cultural portrayals of “the body”.

Topics may include, but are by no means limited to:

  • the clothed, veiled, or hidden body

  • the exposed or objectified body

  • the fetishized body

  • cyborgs, androids, or the post-human body

  • monsters

  • corpses

  • marked bodies

  • marketed bodies

  • damaged bodies

  • adapted or altered bodies

  • performed or staged bodies

  • fragmented bodies or body parts

  • the constructed body

  • the fabricated body

  • queer bodies

  • racialized bodies

  • labelled bodies

  • uncontainable bodies

Please send a 250-word abstract and one-page CV or bio by April 19 to Tamara Slankard: tslankard@bakeru.edu.