deadline for submissions: 
November 4, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Veterans Studies Association

We invite scholars at all levels—including students and those out of academia—to cross national, cultural, historical, and disciplinary boundaries to reflect on the theme of “Veteran Identity, Advocacy, and Representation.”

We encourage and are open to a variety of presentation styles, including but not limited to: 

  • Individual Presentations: 75- to 100-word abstract, 250-word proposal 

  • Panel Presentation, with 3 to 4 presenters: 150- to 200-word abstract, 750-word 
proposal including potential panelists 

  • Poster Presentations, by individual or collaborative presenters (1 poster per 
submission): 150- to 200-word abstract 

  • Roundtable Discussion, with 4 or more presenters: 150- to 200-word abstract, 500- 
word proposal 

  • Works-in-Progress: back by popular demand, we have scheduled a workshop session specifically for sharing and refining early-stage research and/or engagement projects with kindred scholars and potential collaborators: 500-word proposal (works-in-progress submissions will not undergo peer review)

All submissions should conform to a widely accepted citation style that will be intelligible to an interdisciplinary audience (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago). Unless otherwise noted (under session type), email proposals must include:  

  1. a cover letter providing contact information for the author(s), title, and format of the proposed work,

  2. an abstract attached in a separate file (or sheet of paper).

    Please respect word counts for abstracts by desired session type. Abstracts must be formatted for blind review: no author names, affiliations, or other personally identifiable information.

  3. Email proposals to vis20@umsl.edu

Visit www.veteranology.org for more details about the conference and the Veterans Studies Association.