Film After Joyce (essay collection)

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Nathan Wallace, The Ohio State University / Layne Farmen, The University of Tulsa
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The Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein initiated what has become a very long and multifaceted conversation about James Joyce in relation to film.  He was the first director to contemplate an adaptation of Ulysses, for instance, and the only one to discuss such a project with the author himself. Although that adaptation project never came to fruition, Eisenstein was the first film theorist who used Ulysses and Finnegans Wake as reference points to describe how film worked and how it might continue to evolve in the future. He was also the first filmmaker to apply these concepts in practice. Perhaps most importantly for Joyce scholars, Eisenstein was the first cultural historian to describe the proto-cinematic visual culture in which the author came of age to account for what Keith Williams would later refer to as Joycean “cinematicity.”  

Up until now, literary scholars have built more on these last insights than they have followed up on Eisenstein’s notion of Joyce as a cinematic futurist.  With this gap in mind, therefore, we are now inviting proposals for a volume that will pursue Joyce’s legacy in modern film and contemporary media studies. What about film afterJoyce? 

We are open to variety of approaches to this question, including:

  • Adaptation studies.
  • Genre studies.
  • Comparative readings of Joyce in relation to post-Eisensteinian auteurs, with a particular emphasis on Women Directors, LGBTQ+ Directors, and Directors of Color.  
  • Joyce and film theory (ex: Walter Benjamin, Gilles Deleuze).
  • Joyce and Experimental Film, from Dziga Vertov onward. (ex: Maya Deren, Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali, Maya Deren, Andy Warhol, Barbara Hammer, or James Benning).
  • Joyce and Experimentalism in Narrative Film, from Luis Buñuel onward. (ex: Andrei Tarkovsky, Werner Herzog, Kelly Reichardt, Richard Linklater, Barry Jenkins, or Zacharias Kunuk).
  • Joyce and Nonfiction Film.
  • Joyce and Independent Film.
  • Joyce and Hollywood.
  • Film references to Joyce.
  • Joyce and celebrity.
  • The Joycean legacy in Irish film culture.
  • Joyce and Cinematography.
  • Joyce and Art Design (from Weimar onward).
  • Joyce and Sound Design.
  • Joyce and Television.
  • Joyce and Social Media.
  • Joyce and Gaming.

Please send 300-word abstracts and a short biographical notice by September 30, 2019.  Final submissions should be between 8,000 to 10,000 words.

The editors have discussed this project with several presses, but we are waiting to have enough chapters for a formal submission to any one of them.