Production Companies

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August 1, 2019
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Society for Cinema and Media Studies
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Society for Cinema and Media Studies

April 1st-5th, 2020

Denver, CO 

Production Companies

Given the importance of production companies in forming new relations of power between organizations, producers, and various industry workers after the studio system, I am seeking papers to help form a panel for the annual meeting of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies that highlights the production company as an object of study. I am particularly interested in papers that research production companies which have sought expressive, representational, and/or political goals outside of commercial conventions. While I am most interested in historical studies of production companies in relation to American and/or Hollywood cinema, broadly defined, this panel is also receptive of case studies outside these parameters, including recent histories, transmedia companies, and other national and transnational contexts.

Guide for Authors

Please submit a brief description of your paper topic to Landon Palmer at no later than August 1. I will contact you by August 2, and will ask chosen panelists to provide full proposals by August 15.

Full proposals of accepted topics will require an abstract (less than 2500 characters), a bibliography of 3-5 sources, and a short author bio (less than 500 characters). For more information on submitting work to SCMS’s annual conference, see: 

Feel free to make informal inquiries at any time before August 1.


Landon Palmer

Professor of Instruction

Department of Communication

University of Tampa