Kalamazoo ICMS 2020: Medieval Representations of Scholarly Labor

deadline for submissions: 
September 10, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Program in Medieval Studies at Yale University

From the Codex Amiatinus’s depiction of Ezra writing in a book to that of Hildegard of Bingen receiving and dictating her supernatural visions in the frontispiece to the Scivias, interest in representing the labors of scholars spanned the length of the Middle Ages. Not only do depictions of scholarly labor such as these, whether visual or textual, shed light onto the material culture and historical practices of medieval scholarship, but they also reveal the ways in which medieval artists and writers sought to convey ideas about the work that they themselves performed and the functions they served in society.

We encourage papers from all relevant disciplines that focus on visual, literary or historiographical portrayals of scholars laboring at their craft. Suggested topics might include depictions of divine interventions in acts of scholarly labor, postures of scholars or displays of the intensity of effort, the relationship of scholars to their work (whether positive or negative) and the milieu of their labor, or representations of scholars sharing their work, such as in public readings, to list but a few possibilities.

 Please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words and the participant information form to yalemedieval.kzoo2020@gmail.com by September 10th. Thank you!