NeMLA 2020 - CFP: Beur Fractured Identities in the French Cultural Space

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2019
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Yasmina Nagnoug Mejai / University of London
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Panel description: This session proposes to discuss the complex identity formation of people from the Beur community living in France through the study of contemporary Beur literature. It examines the current cultural and socio-political debates on nationalism, identity and culture taking place in France, as well as the complex processes of integration that have affected both the North African immigrant community and the French people in the postcolonial era. In view of the challenges and complexities involved in integrating the French cultural and socio-political space, the session discusses the vexed notion of "Frenchness" and the conception of nationhood as well as the tensed relationships that France has maintained with both its minority population of Muslim Maghrebi origin in the Hexagon and its former colonies in the Maghreb.

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