Conference Reflections on Asian Eco-Culture: Audiovisual Portraits of Ecology Thought

deadline for submissions: 
June 15, 2024
full name / name of organization: 
University Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M)
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Conference Reflections on Asian Eco-Culture: Audiovisual Portraits of Ecology Thought 

University Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Getafe Campus- 7-8 November 2024


We are pleased to announce that the proposal submission is now open for the two-days conference Reflections on Asian Eco-Culture: Audiovisual Portraits of Ecology Thought. <>


The main objective of this conference is to bring together presentations that highlight Asian thinking towards nature and new ways of depicting and producing ecology through audiovisual devices. By Asian thinking, we understand the vision of a global community that transcends Asia and addresses solutions to future challenges on a global scale. This thinking, though in itself stems from Asian cultural roots, is a way of considering humanity as a whole beyond geopolitical borders.

 In this context, it is crucial to consider how the global and Asian perspectives respond to climate challenges given the significant impact of this area, and the enormous influence of different audiovisual devices today. The aim is to bring together academic works that explore images, imaginaries, and concepts that approach nature as an evolving subject, poetic interpretations of the Earth (geo-poetics), or audiovisual responses to the climate crisis. 

This conference is part of a project that is supported by Eurasia Foundation (from Asia) and Instituto Universitario de Cine Español (UC3M). It also involves publication of a compilation book (Springer), that includesa selection of papers presented at the conference.


Date: 7-8November 2024

Location: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Getafe Campus. 

Language: English

Submissions (free of charge): abstracts (250 words) and brief bio (50 words) can be submitted by website form <>

Proposals will be reviewed upon submission.


Keynote Speakers: 

Seán Cubitt (University of Melbourne) tbc

Ursula K. Heise (University of California, Los Angeles)


Key dates:

- 30th April 2024: publication of the call for the conference.

- 15th June: publication of the final list of admitted speakers. 

- 7-8th November: holding of the conference. 

- 30th November 2024: admitted papers for the book edition.

- June 1st, 2025: reception of the full texts.  

Questions can be directed to Farshad Zahedi; and Marta Lopera


Themes include, but are not limited to:

 Asian Ecocinema/TV/Videogame:

- Examining the portrayal of environmental concerns in Asian cinema, television or videogames.

- Analysis of how cultural, social, and political factors influence the representation of nature in Asian media.

- Case studies of influential Asian eco-themed films, TV series or videogames and their reception both domestically and internationally.


Mother Nature Imaginary:

- Examining the concept of “Mother Nature” in Asian audiovisual culture.

- Critically evaluating the implications of anthropomorphizing nature and its impact on environmental ethics and activism.


Asian Eco-cosmopolitanism: Redefining the Territory:

- Investigating the emergence of Asian eco-cosmopolitanism and its implications for environmental discourse and activism.

- Exploring how Asian cultures negotiate local and global environmental challenges while maintaining cultural identity.