CFP: [Film] âFrom Static to Motion Pictures: The Art of Adapting Comic Books to Cinemaâ panel

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Liam Burke
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‘From Static to Motion Pictures: The Art of Adapting Comic Books to
Cinema’ panel at the 4th Annual Association of Adaptation Studies
Conference, 24-25 September, 2009
When cinema’s shadows first flickered into action, the struggling
scientific curiosity looked to other forms, namely novels and plays, to
confer artistic credibility and narrative stability. Today, the rate of
text to film adaptations has not slackened, yet with new computer-based
technologies committing to screen what once seemed impossible, cinema has
begun to wade into uncertain digital waters. Once again the art-form is
looking to adaptation to provide a through-line in this new age, except
this time cinema is relying on a graphic narrative medium to inspire its
new visual opportunities â€" the comic book.
This panel will bring scholars together to examine the adaptation of
comic books to film. It strives to move past the tired debates that view
comic books as idle storyboards waiting for the blockbuster treatment, or
the comic book film adaptation as a knee-jerk reaction to global
troubles. This panel will exploit the unique opportunities for semiotic
analysis presented by studying the adaptation of one graphic narrative
medium to another. It is hoped that this narrower focus will result in
papers that reach findings distinct from more literature-orientated

Together with a semiotic perspective, this panel is also open to
exploring the wider consequences of the adaptation process to both comics
and cinema, from their storytelling mechanisms to the manner in which the
various industries operate.
We invite papers that contribute to this discussion on comic book film
adaptations. Please send proposals, including a 300-word abstract, a
brief bio, institutional affiliation, and e-mail address, to: The deadline for proposals is 1 May, 2009.
The ‘From Static to Motion Pictures’ panel will be part of the 4th Annual
Association of Adaptation Studies Conference, which will be held in
London at the British Film Institute (24-25 September, 2009).

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