CFP: World War I in America: Violence, Crime, Masculinity, Genre (12/1/06; 6/7/07-6/10/07)

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Pearl James
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Call for papers: World War I in America: Violence, Crime, Masculinity, Genre
I am looking for papers to include on a panel at the ³Space Between²
conference in Annapolis MD, June 7-10, 2007. See conference information at
the bottom of this email.
This panel will explore the relationship(s) between two things that are not
usually connected: World War I and the rise of crime, real and imagined, in
America. Papers might consider war's relationship to the actual rise of
violence in America in the 1920s and 30s, or to the burgeoning popularity of
crime fiction, gangster movies, and film noir. Did the war breed
criminality? Why? Are soldiers future ³criminals²? Or do they have a
post-war role to play in policing internal enemies? How do gangster movies,
film noir, and crime fiction refigure the violence of war in post-war
settings? How do their stories engage the war¹s problematic history? In
what ways are these "post-war" genres?
These questions should be suggestive rather than proscriptive‹if you have a
topic that is related, please submit an abstract.
Other relevant issues might include:
-comparisons between war narratives and crime narratives
-various styles of post-war masculinity
-women¹s place in war/women¹s place in noir or crime genres
-the notion of sacrifice or normative ³justice² in war narratives and crime
-analysis of the detective/detection in a post-war society
-censorship and the way it impinges on public representations of violence,
at home and abroad
-high versus low representations of violence in this period
-comparisons between the moral worlds of war and crime
Please send a one pg. cv and 150 word abstracts by Dec. 1, 2006 to:
Pearl James
 Information on the conference:
Submissions are invited for the 9th annual conference of The Space Between
Society: Literature and Culture, 1914-1945, in Annapolis, Maryland, 7-10
June 2007.

Keynote speaker: Michael Saler, Department of History, University of
California, Davis
This interdisciplinary conference aims to explore the cultural contexts,
manifestations, representations, and effects of war, as a four-decade state
of combat, mobilization, upheaval, dislocation, anxiety, devastation, and
unquiet aftermath between 1914 and 1945. The experience of war generated
creativity and innovation as much as it did destruction and reactionary
The Space Between is a society dedicated to the study of literature and
culture between the wars, providing an interdisciplinary forum for
discussion and research on overlooked texts, understudied authors, and new
approaches to traditionally canonical texts. It also encourages fresh
examination of art, society, and culture illuminating the war and interwar
period. For information about our journal and membership in The Space
Between Society, please visit our website:
<> .

Pearl James
Assistant Prof., Dept. of English
University of Kentucky
1215 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, KY 40506-0027
(859) 257-6978

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