CFP: Writing the Masculine (2/15/07; journal issue)

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Anna Fåhraeus
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CFP: Writing the Masculine, or =93Textual Masculinity=94
This is an open call for submission proposals for the Nordic Journal of=20=

English Studies. We are putting together a special journal issue that=20
will focus on =91textual masculinity=92. This journal issue will focus =
the writing of the masculine, to see what specifically textual ways are=20=

used to produce and reproduce forms of maleness, masculinity, male=20
desire and male sexuality in female writing. The central objective of=20
the study is, however, to highlight and analyze how men are constructed=20=

and constituted at a textual level through tropes, voice, performance=20
and cultural discourses, rather than primarily through situation or=20
through their relationships: What are the strategies for representing=20
masculinity, male desire, sexuality, homoeroticism at a textual (as=20
opposed to a situational) level? What makes masculine focalization=20
different from feminine focalization? What are the assumptions that=20
underlie these representations? The strategies that create them?

Submission length 5-7,000 words. Proposal deadline February 15, 2007.=20
Submission deadline for full articles May 1, 2007. The issue will be=20
published in 2007. All proposals/submissions should include the name,=20
address, academic affiliation, email, and phone number of the=20
submitter/author and should be sent to (cc:,=20 )
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