CFP: Feminism Reframed: Art and Difference (2/16/07; collection)

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Alexandra Kokoli
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CFP: Feminism Reframed: Reflections on Art and Difference

Additional 6,000-word contributions are sought for an already formed
edited collection on contemporary feminist approaches to art history
and visual culture. The collection will be published by Cambridge
Scholars Press within 2007.

Art historians, practicing artists, and scholars in visual/cultural
theory are invited to submit abstracts of approx. 500 words and a short
biography to the editor Alexandra Kokoli ( ), by
16th February 2007.

Completed essays will be due in April 2007.

Proposals on: performance art; art and/as craft; and feminist
conceptualism are particularly encouraged, but all topics within the
scope of the collection will be considered.

Feminism Reframed: Reflections on Art and Difference addresses the on-
going dialogue between feminism, art history and visual culture from
contemporary scholarly perspectives. The essays in this volume
contribute to the discussion around the shifting roles of feminist and
gender-inflected theorisations of art and visual culture in criticism,
history and practice since the 1970s. Over the past thirty years, the
critical interventions of feminist art historians in the academy, the
press and the art world have not only politicised and transformed the
themes, methods and conceptual tools of art history, but have also
contributed to the emergence of new interdisciplinary areas of
investigation, including notably that of visual culture. Although the
impact of such fruitful transformations is indisputable, their exact
contribution to contemporary scholarship and their changing function
within the academy remains a matter for debate, not least because
feminism itself has changed significantly since the Women's Liberation
Movement. Side-stepping facile and vague characterisations such
as 'post-feminist', Feminism Reframed offers a complex re-evaluation of
different strands in feminist thought and practice around art and
visual culture since the 1970s, highlighting continuities as well as
points of disjunction. The essays of this volume explore the gaps and
omissions of established methodologies and prevalent art historical
narratives, while also recovering valuable tools and insights that may
be deployed in contemporary contexts and put to new uses. Feminism
Reframed reviews and revises existing feminist art histories but also
reasserts the need for continuous feminist interventions in the
academy, the art world and beyond.

Dr. Alexandra M. Kokoli
Arts A,
University of Sussex,
Falmer, Brighton
BN1 9QN, U.K.

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