UPDATE: Mothers and Loss (3/1/07; collection)

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Contributions of between 500-1000 words are sought for an agented collection
tentatively titled Love Letters to Mom: A Final Goodbye to the Mothers We¹ve
This set of personal letters will tell the stories of regular women of all
ages who have experienced the profound and perhaps sudden loss of their
mothers. This collection will serve as a testimonial special mother-daughter
bond, and its tone will be poignant and inspirational.
--Letters should be from daughters who have lost their mother at any age,
and under any circumstance.
--Address the letter to your mother.
--The letter should present a primarily positive tone.

Offer concrete material that does any or all of the following:
--Discuss something your mother taught you
--Offer specific remembrances
--Present fond(est) childhood or formative memor(y/ies)
--Detail specific struggles surmounted by your mother
--Describe how your parenting skills may have been influenced by your mother
Please, in all cases, avoid 1) generic language not closely linked with by
clear explication (³My mother taught me strength, courage, and
compassion.²), and 2) name dropping of persons not directly relevant to your
letter (³your grandchildren Sarah and Harry miss youŠ²)
Our goal with these guidelines is to produce a collection that speaks
eloquently and positively about the mother-daughter experience. We want to
offer an opportunity for healing and remembrance, but do not wish to fall
into romanticized sentimentality, saccharine platitude, or generic
inscrutability. In other words, please use the creative power of your words
to evoke your mother in the clearest, most engaging manner. We wish to tell
these stories of daughters thrust into responsibility under difficult
circumstances with care, precision, and joy.
This deadline is for letter submissions only, and there will be opportunity
to work on necessary revisions as the project proceeds. All submissions must
be approved by the editors and publisher before final acceptance.
Please also include a one-paragraph cv with your submission to
Questions can also be addressed to the above e-mail address.
Davis Schneiderman
Kelly Haramis
Stephanie Petkie

Davis Schneiderman
Chair of American Studies
Assistant Professor of English
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