CFP: Paths of desire: Itineraries as Trangression (grad) (6/15/07; 10/11/07-10/12/07)

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Transgression Conference
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Fall 2007 Graduate Student Conference of the UC Berkeley Department of

October 11 and 12th, 2007

Paths of Desire: Itineraries as Transgression.

Paths of desire: A term appearing in studies of landscape design as well as
architecture, which refers to the paths we trace when our desires lead us
off the beaten track and a trail forms behind us. This notion both
encompasses the incidental and manifests longing, and brings to light the
importance of both the traverser and the traversal. These figures are key
to the shaping of physical and theoretical topographies. No itinerary is
undertaken without motivation, or without leaving a mark.

To accentuate the role of transgression in the itinerary is to throw into
relief the neutral plane of cartography. In the field of French studies,
this notion has long been familiar to scholarly investigation of the urban
plan and the routes which span out from the metropole. The transgressive
path is inherent to conceptions of 19th century Paris, notably in the
context of the bildungsroman, but also to theories of Orientalism. This
figure is evocative of both the violence inflicted on a terrain and on the
community to which it is tied by the aggressive trailblazer, and the
symmetrical violence which responds to these border crossings. It
acknowledges the importance of both the initial transgressive act and its
manifold consequences.

This is a subject which is especially rich in interdisciplinary potential, a
reflection of the blurring of lines which constitutes the interpretative
framework itself. We welcome papers from scholars with interests in literary
theory, geography, postcolonial theory, gender and queer studies, cultural
and urban studies, and other related fields. We also encourage the
submission of creative productions, including films and fiction.

We are looking to move beyond existing and thoroughly wrought tropes of the
voyager to plot new itineraries.

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