CFP: Society and Human-Animal studies in Gender Perspective (Sweden) (5/20/07; 8/26/07-8/28/07)

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Måns Andersson

Society and human-animal studies in gender perspective

Gender and Animal Studies Conference Uppsala, 26-28 August 2007

Deadline for submission of abstracts is May 20, 2007

The gender and animal studies conference aims at scientists and Ph.D.=20
students active in the field of human-animal studies. The conference is=20
intended for discussions regarding human-animal studies and to =
facilitate research cooperation among its participants. Subfields =
include all issues related to the study of gender and animals studies =
such as: Representation of animals in science, visual culture, popular =
culture, art, literature and media, postcolonial, and class studies; =
Animals in politics and law; Speciesism; Human-animal boundary work; =
Human-animal geographies; Animals and philosophy; Animals in culture, =
religion and history; Animals in human institutions such as =
agriculture, research and leisure industries, Human-animal interaction, =
Animals in discourses of science.=20

Keynote Speakers

Marlene Zuk, UC Riverside, USA
Patricia Adair Gowaty, University of Georgia, USA
Nina Lykke, Link=F6ping University, Sweden

Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words and be sent in by e-mail =

Preliminary given talks should be 30+10 min (30 minutes talk and 10 =
minutes discussion), but due to the number of good abstracts this might =
be shortened to 25+5.

The length of the talk can however be discussed and posters are =

Preliminary Program

26 Aug.
18.00, Reception and informal discussions, participants from the =
previous ESEB symposia "Gender perspective on evolutionary biology" are =
27 Aug.
09.00-18-00 Spoken papers and poster presentations
19.00- Conference dinner
28 Aug
09.00-15.00 Workshops


Contact M=E5ns Andersson
Centre for Gender Research
Uppsala University Thunbergsv=E4gen 3 H
Box 634, SE-751 26 UPPSALA, Sweden
tel:+46 (0)18 471 57 99
mobile: +46 (0)704 67 25 71

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