CFP: [Gender Studies] LGBT Identity and New Media (10/31/07; collection)

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Christopher PUllen

LGBT Identity and New Media Reader

Edited by Christopher Pullen and Margaret Cooper

We are inviting proposals for essays (5,000 words length) to be included
in a reader which will explore lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
identity within new media through the world-wide-web. It will foreground
a sociology, performance and media studies focus.

The reader will primarily focus on the potential of new media to enable
reconstructions of identity, and the exploration of complex new
connectivities which free the individual from the hold of the local. It
will explore a breath of identifications, potentials and readings,
specifically focusing on issues such as: representation, commodity,
politics, activism, healthcare and play.

General topics of interest include:
Community potential:
Therapeutic benefits:
Coming out strategies:
AIDS and healthcare:
Newsgroups and communities:
Dating and partnership finding:
Virtual identity and explorations of sexuality:
The ‘pink dollar:’

Case studies could include:
Blogging and diaries (eg., Guydads, Mygayonline):
Dating (inc. Gaydar, Gaydargirls, LGBT Singles):
Communities and web games (inc. MUDs):
Personal and home pages (inc. Myspace and Facebook etc.):
New media video (inc. Youtube)
Broadcasters (inc. Logo, Village TV):
Politics (inc. Glaad):
News (inc. Planet Out, Advocate, Washington Blade):
Examination of ‘hate sites’ (eg. Fred Phelps):
Examination of ‘ex homosexual’ sites (eg. Exodus-international):

Please send abstracts (of 200 words length) and a biography by the 31st
of October 2007 to Chris or Margaret (email below). Essays need to be
original texts, and cannot have been published elsewhere â€" unless you own
the copyright, and are free to publish. If you have any questions we are
happy to answer them.

Christopher Pullen â€"
Margaret Cooper â€"

About the Editors

Christopher Pullen is Senior Lecturer in Media, Gender and Performance at
Bournemouth University, UK. He has published a number of articles on gay
identity within television and film. Also he is the author of the
book "Documenting Gay Men" (McFarland, 2007) which explores how gay
people as; teens, devoted couples, parents, and influential producers
have contributed to the progression of gay identity within domestic

Margaret Cooper is a Sociologist at Southern Illinois University. She has
been internationally published on the topic of gender identity. Her
articles have been featured in several sociological journals, textbooks
and collections.

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