CFP: [Gender Studies] Post-9/11 Masculinity in Film/Television; 8/12/07

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David Coon
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This CFP is for a proposed panel at the 2008 conference of the Society
for Cinema and Media Studies.

The aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and the ensuing "War on Terror" have
produced scores of images of reinvigorated masculinity. Amidst the chaos,
death, and debilitating destruction of the terrorist attacks, heroic
firefighters and police officers valiantly went about the business of
rescuing victims, often risking their lives to do so. Many who were
mourning the country’s losses pinned their hopes for recovery on these
heroic individuals. Since 9/11, the United States' military actions in
the Middle East have produced a steady stream of images of military
heroes. But how does the masculinity epitomized by news images of the
9/11 rescue workers and soldiers in Iraq relate to the presentation of
masculinity in the world of entertainment media? This panel will explore
recent media images of masculinity, paying particular attention to the
ways that these images have been influenced by the events of 9/11. What
has changed since the pre-9/11 era? What has stayed the same? Are there
corresponding changes to images of femininity? Has 9/11 changed the way
we view masculinity as it was produced before the attacks? Individual
papers may discuss any form of media, including film, television, new
media, advertising, and music.

Please e-mail 250-300 word abstract and CV to by
August 12.

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