CFP: [Gender Studies] Taking It to the Extreme: Representations of Extreme Sex (PCA/ACA)

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Ken Roon
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Panel for the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association in
San Francisco, March 19-22.

In a 1998 lecture given at the World Pornography Conference in Los
Angeles and then again at the UCSF InSite Discussion on Barebacking,
Treasure Island Media mogul Paul Morris said, “Since danger and risk are
so much a part of the sexual experience, it's necessary that dangerous
activities be represented, and that the danger be at least occasionally
real and shocking.” As mainstream gay porn becomes more predictable,
sterilized and unrealistic, the question is are Morris and his ilk
presenting a more realistic and erotic form of art or is this simply a
longing for the 1970s? This panel will examine the role that extreme sex
plays in the Queer Community now and the role that it will play in the
future. Possible topics are video (including internet and amateur
pornography), cinema, literature (Samuel Delaney, Dennis Cooper, etc),
photography, bug chasers, etc.

Papers should be 15-minutes long. Any pictures or video should be kept to
NC-17. Send 250-word abstract to

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