CFP: [Gender Studies] National Women's Studies Association Conference Nov. 1 Proposal Submission

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Allison Kimmich
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Conference Dates and Location: June 19-22, 2008 in Cincinnati, OH
Deadline to Submit Proposals: November 1, 2007

The National Women's Studies Association leads the field of women’s
studies in educational and social transformation. Established in 1977,
NWSA has more than 2,000 members worldwide. Our annual conference
regularly draws more than 1,200 attendees and is the only annual meeting
in the US exclusively dedicated to showcasing the latest feminist

THEME: Resisting Hegemonies: Race and Sexual Politics in Nation, Region,
This Call situates race and sexual politics in relation to nation,
region, and empire in recognition of the importance of contemporary
postcolonial and transnational feminist inquiry to such examinations.
For example, feminist inquiry can focus on the structural building blocks
of empire, namely regional integration projects that support neoliberal
globalization while militarizing borders to keep migrants out. Likewise
queer scholarship helps identify heteronormative policies as methods by
which exclusionist nationalist and hegemonic imperial projects are
carried out. And putting feminist area studies in conversation with
feminist ethnic/diaspora studies in conversation also enable us to make
the connections necessary to resist empire “at home” and “abroad.”
Finally, these foci can also extend to the arena of electoral politics in
this presidential election year, where race and gender issues will play a
critical role.

The overall theme of “resisting hegemonies” is broad enough to invite
various forms of interdisciplinary and disciplinary feminist inquiry as
well as the full array of feminist pedagogical, activist, cultural, and
spiritual work.

Possible proposal topics from interdisciplinary or disciplinary
perspectives in contemporary or historical contexts could include but are
not limited to:
• Theorizing race and racism across national boundaries
• Queering women’s and gender studies
• Regionally specific approaches to feminist activism
• Women resisting empire through the arts
• Black feminist thought and politics
• Revisiting Collins’ “matrix of domination”
• The cultural work of empire in popular discourses
• Postcolonial sexuality studies
• Feminist critiques of militarization
• Feminist politics and women in politics
• Comparing the political work of feminist counter cultures to
feminist direct action
• Anti-racist and anti-homophobic work in women’s centers
• From Katrina to Lebanon to Iraq: the politics of displacements,
migrations, and movements
• Global perspectives on girlhood
• Transnational perspectives on transgender identities
• Women’s movements in/side and outside the lines of imperialisms,
fundamentalisms, and terrorisms
• Empire building and the politics of feminist alliances
• Internships, study abroad, and international exchanges in women’s
• Women’s and gender studies on the academic job market
• Transnational consortia of national women’s studies organizations

NWSA invites all of those interested to submit proposals for panels,
papers, workshops, and performances that represent the wide rage of anti-
hegemonic scholarship in the US and beyond. The Association also
welcomes proposals that do not directly address the theme, but are
relevant to women’s and gender studies today.

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