CFP: [Gender Studies] Fat Feminisms (10/29/07; NWSA, 6/19/08-6/22/08)

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Joelle Ruby Ryan
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Fat Feminisms: Body Image, Gender Politics and
F(l)abulous Visions of the Future

This panel seeks papers which explore the
intersections of gender, sexuality, feminism, and
fatness from a theoretical, philosophical and
political perspective. In particular, I am interested
in papers which call upon personal narratives and
lived experiences as multiply-“othered” bodies to
theorize the boundaries of fat feminist discourse.
How can we shape a feminist studies which is
fat-positive and a fat studies which is
unapologetically feminist? How do we teach fat
liberation in the classroom and what does fat feminist
activism look like? This will be the first panel
organized by the Fat Studies Interest Group, which
will become a recognized entity at the 2008

Possible Topics Include (but are not limited to):

• Personal narratives about the intersection of gender
and size

• Teaching fat politics and liberation in the
Women’s/Gender Studies Classroom

• Fat feminist utopias: what does your ideal future
look like?

• Fat feminist media/literary criticism

• Fat feminist political activism: how do we use our
agency to provoke change?

• The intersection of gender/size with race, class and

• Fat sexualities, gender identities and gender
expression and sex-positive feminism

Proposals should be submitted via e-mail to Joelle
Ruby Ryan (joeller_at_bgsu. edu) no later than Monday,
October 29, 2007. Please include a 250-500 word
proposal description, a brief bio and a 50-100 word
abstract and the following info:


Institutional Affiliation




Please note that I am also looking for a Moderator for
this session. Contact me if interested.

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