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Ophelia Selam
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What does it mean to talk about arrivals and departures within the
development of (political) movements such as feminism? Rather than
describing feminism as being a single linear and progressive journey, it
becomes one filled with fragmentation and non-linear "progress": battles,
contradictions, paradoxes, problems, and limitations that a feminist
approach has brought up and continues to bring up.

This seminar will focus precisely on the question of the historical
trajectory of the feminist movement, from a more singular movement to a
veritable explosion of sometimes antagonistic thoughts. Understanding
feminism as an interdisciplinary field, what we are looking at here is
“how”: How has it developed? What have been the obstacles? What has it
accomplished? What does it try to accomplish? These analyses will hopefully
enable us to look at the goals set by different feminist approaches and
analyze the methodologies used to reach them.

Feminism is full of arrivals, departures, false starts, openings, and
dangerous findings. The goal in this seminar is to explore the implications
of these mechanisms. It might even attempt to pose an answer to the
following question: Where is feminism today?

Some topics can therefore be but are not limited to:

- new and emerging feminist movementsâ€"their developments, implications, etc.
- feminism and laws; how does feminism reflect current events/the current
political climate?
- what is feminism? how has feminism turned into concrete (political)
- feminism and history: feminist storytelling, feminist rewritings of history
- feminist action: definition, examples
- feminist failures, successes, attempts

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