CFP: [Gender Studies] Hispanetâs Call for Papers on Gender - August 26th 2008

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Zoila Clark
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Hispanet’s Call for Papers
“Gender Studies in Latin American Literature & Film”
Florida International University

August 26th, 2008

We welcome papers of 20 to 25 pages, notes and works cited included, that
represent a critical study of gender in Latin American literature and
film. Hispanet is an online journal sponsored by the Modern Language
Department of Florida International University and the Graduate Student
Organization of this department. The deadline for submission is August
26th, 2008. Suggested topic headings include but are not limited to:

God and Evil: Where are Gay and Women?
Female Sexuality: From Freud to Kristeva
The Love that Dare not Speak Its Name
The Femme Fatale in Literature and Film
 The Tradition of Pícaras
Utopian Women’s Worlds
 The Myths of Lilith and Eve
Witchcraft and Jungian Feminism
Homosexuality and Lesbianism in Latin American Literature
Religion, Sexuality and Eco-Feminism
The Gay or Female Character as a Sign
Maternity and Feminism
Latin American Feminist Theater
Ancient Goddesses and Women in Power in Today’s World
Desire and Female Subjectivity
New Feminisms in Literature and Film
Gay & Women in the Modern World
Latin American Gender Theory
The Male Mind & the Female Body
Surrealist Women in Latin America
Eroticism as Subversion in Gay and Women’s Writing
Love, Marriage, and Divorce
Gay Marriage and Heterosexuality
New Historicism and Women’s Writing
What’s the Big Deal with Sexuality?
New Ethics for Gender Difference
The Role of Archetypes in Gender Studies
Isabel Allende’s Success as a Writer
Primitive Latin American Myths and Gender
Women in Modernism
The Body as Text

Papers may be written in Spanish or English using the MLA format 6th
edition. The electronic submission of your paper is in Word 2003. It must
not have your name, or your affiliation in the text. Use a separate
document for your data: title page with the author’s name, affiliation,
address, and phone: (Subject: Hispanet
Submission). You should also send by post two printed copies of your
paper and one page with your data to:

Professor Santiago Juan-Navarro / Zoila Clark
Department of Modern Languages
Florida International University -UP
11200 SW 8th Street - Miami, FL 33199 - USA

Web :

The first volume of Hispanet will appear in 2008. You will be contacted
by email or post if you submit a paper.

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