CFP: [Gender Studies] Getting Obsessive: Culture and Excess, USC, graduate conference, March 28-29

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Alice Bardan
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Getting Obsessive: Culture and Excess
An Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Symposium, March 28 and 29, 2008
Sponsored by USC's Assocation of English Graduate Students and the USC
Center for Feminist Research

Keynote Speaker: Tavia Nyong'o, NYU Performance Studies.

Everyone's a little bit obsessive; academics are usually more than a
little. But what consitutes our obsessions and what work do they do? What
is the relation between obsession and knowledge production; and what
about less legitimate obsessions, the things, places, people and cultural
forms about which we feel excessive love or hate?

Thinking about the subjects and objects of obsession raises crucial
questions about knowledge and culture. How do literary and cultural texts
provoke and represent obsession? Whose investments get defined as
excessive and obsessive and whose are seen as justifiable (in)
moderation? What politics underlie obsession? Who gets to say when enough
is too much?

We invite 20-minute papers, panels or performances, from all disciplines
and interdisciplinary locations, on any aspect of obsession and excess.
These might include:

• ideologies of excess
• excess and obsession in literature
• affect in theory and theories of affect
• fandom and antifandom
• sexual obsession and excessive sexualities
• how race and gender contour understandings of excess
• work/overwork and academic labor
• class, excess and restraint/moderation
• excessive femininities and masculinities
• dressing to excess; fashion and drag
• paranoia
• 'cult' objects and the canon
• obsession, time and memory

300-word abstracts are due January 14, 2008. Please email .doc or .rtf
files to

We invite all participants to share their obsessions and find new ones at
a music and poetry event in the evening of March 29, organized in
association with USC's Pop Music Project.


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