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April Gentry
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MP Journal is accepting submissions for its 2008 summer issue. We are
accepting papers on any feminist theme for a general issue. Submissions
can be of two types: (1) academic articles on feminist issues. (2)
creative pieces (prose or poetry) on feminist themes/issues. Submissions
will not be accepted any later than May 5, 2008.

In order to be considered, all submissions should:

be scholarly/academic in nature;
be sent as an attachment (*.doc, *.txt, *.rtf -- no *.pdf, please!);
include a CV or writing resume and a 50 word bio;
abide by the copyright and image use information listed below.

Send submission to:

Copyright Information

In order to assure the widest possible audience for the work published in
MP, that work is added, by contractual agreement, to one or more EBSCO
Publishing databases. The users of those databases have access and
limited copying privileges with respect to work appearing in MP. Your
submission indicates that this arrangement is acceptable to you and that
upon acceptance you agree to license your work to MP Journal and to its
sub-licensor, EBSCO Publishing. You further confirm that the work has not
been published prior to its appearance in MP. In addition, you confirm it
is original work that abides by all copyright rules and regulations. You
understand that, upon publication, all rights to this work will revert to
you, the author. However, you also understand that MP reserves the right
to publish this work (in part or in its entirety) in electronic form on
its website and/or on electronic information databases published by

Image Use

All images used in MP comply with US copyright law and are either in the
public domain or are used with written permission of the copyright holder.

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