CFP: [American] Cold War Literature and Culture –– Book Collection

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Steven Belletto
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We are soliciting contributions to complete a book collection on Cold War
literature and culture. Although recent articles, collections, and
monographs attest to the liveliness of Cold War cultural studies, the
time is right to interrogate the assumptions on which much of this work
rests. This collection aims to engage and challenge two paradigms of
contemporary Cold War Studies: the over-reliance on the containment
thesis to describe literary and cultural production, and the conflation
of Cold War culture with the long 1950s. We seek essays that move beyond
containment’s own limitations and blind spots to open up new lines of
inquiry and reveal the complexity of what Cold War culture can mean. The
second problem we seek to address is this: because the Cold War has
tended to be conceptualized as a mid-century phenomenon, much of the work
that identifies itself as Cold War Studies is limited to “The Long
Fifties”â€"roughly 1947 to 1963. What would Cold War Studies look like if
the 1950s were not the privileged site of inquiry? We seek essays that
address these and other issues in order to challenge what we think we
know about post-war literature and culture.

Please e-mail a 250-word abstract and CV by Monday, October 20th to both
editors. Finished essays should be approximately 7500 words.

Steven Belletto
Lafayette College

Daniel Grausam
Washington University

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