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Don Walicek
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submission deadline January 10, 2009

SARGASSO, a Journal of Caribbean Literature, Language, and Culture is accepting submissions for
an upcoming issue with the preliminary title "Language and Gender." Research on Caribbean
languages (especially Creoles) in fields of inquiry such as sociolinguistics, anthropological
linguistics, linguistic ethnography, and historical linguistics is welcome, as is work that is
interdisciplinary in nature.

While recent work on Caribbean languages explores a variety of integrative and sophisticated
sociolinguistic themes, researchers working within the field of Creole Studies have given minimal
attention to language and gender. In contrast, a vibrant stream of publications on language and
gender that is generally focused on non-Caribbean settings (e.g., Freed 2005, Holmes and
Meyerhoff 2005, Cameron and Kulick 2006, Maybin et al. 2008) reflects renewed and notably
widespread interest in social categories, identities, and their links to sociolinguistic, grammatical,
and ideological phenomena. This issue of Sargasso seeks to encourage conversation between
these two areas of inquiry. It aims to explore the insights that the analysis of gender has for
deepening understandings of phenomena such as language change, linguistic variation,
meaning-making, and shifting interpretations of “Creole” and “Caribbean culture.” Work that
questions or otherwise avoids male-female difference as a starting point and / or explanation for
understanding linguistic behavior is strongly encourged.

Themes that might be addressed include, but are not limited to:

â€" “Third-wave” approaches to meaning-making
â€" Language, discourse, & power
â€" Language ideologies
â€" Language, gender, & socialization practices
â€" Language, race, and symbolic violence
â€" Sociohistorical ethnography
â€" Demographics & language change
â€" Sexism, feminism, & “the interaction factor”
â€" Performances of masculinity
â€" Transgenderism & sexual identities
â€" Women in linguistics
â€" “Acts of Identity”
â€" “Applied creolistics” / “Postcolonial Creolistics”

Essays should be 10-20 pages and double-spaced. Abstracts of 120 words or less should
accompany essays. B & W photos, illustrations, and other graphics can be included. Book
reviews and review essays of recent scholarship on the Caribbean are also welcome. They should
be approximately 1,000 and 2,000 words in length, respectively.

Essays and reviews for this particular issue should conform to the Unified Style Sheet for
Linguistics (located at
Electronic submissions, inquiries, and any questions can be mailed to:
Electronic submissions should be sent as attachments in Word. Please indicate “Sargasso
Submission” in the subject line. Papers sent through the postal system should include a SASE
and a file in RTF format on diskette.

Sargasso has been edited at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras for more than 20 years.
The journal features work on the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Caribbean and its
multiple diasporas.

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