CFP: [Gender Studies] Gender Rights, Right to Environmental Security, Right to Social Progress, and Economic Enterprise

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Francesca Saggini
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University of Tuscia


Gender Rights, Right to Environmental Security, Right to Social Progress,
Economic Enterprise, and Political Participation:
Women’s Condition and Female Movements in the Arab and Islamic Countries.

Project Co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and University of

                                    Thursday October 2, 2008. Afternoon
                                    Friday October 3, 2008. Full day

Auditorium at Santa Maria in Gradi

Programme and Invitation

The chief aim of the Project was to make known to the general public
realities that are hardly visible without direct contact with people and
places. While the Project concentrated on the Middle East and Central
Asia, the researched also branched out to the North-African region in
consideration of some common issues shared by all these areas.
Within this framework the investigation focused on those Countries, which
are sites of conflicts producing contexts of environmental crisis or
large-scale devastation. Here women’s â€"and, consequently, children’s-
condition are faced by further violence and difficulties, which touch the
very basis of life -water penury, soil degradation, desertification,
lack of food, diseases, and the collapse of the sanitary apparatus. In
such dramatic contexts Environment and Women are profoundly
A third aspect of the research implied the investigation of the role
played by Woman as an actor of cultural and interethnic mediation as well
as the subject of scientific, artistic, literary, and paraliterary
production. This aspect is strongly highlighted by the activities in
which the female representatives of the local women’s association
participating in this conference are engaged.
Two series of key words encapsulate the chief research topics of this
Conference. The former represent the criticities, the latter the
challenges and objectives awaiting Women in the areas touched by the
Violence against Women
Environmental Devastation
Water and Food Penury
Sanitary Crisis
Gender Rights
Environmental Safeguard
The Conference will host representatives of the Women’s associations from
the participating countries, representatives of international
cooperation, humanitarian organisations and associations, medics and
paramedics, university lecturer and independent scholars. While the
presentations will mainly tackle issues relevant to each individual
country, in particular Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon,
Tunisia, Morocco, others will make a survey of the issues investigated.
Great attention is then paid to Afghanistan, an area of conflict in which
the humanitarian and environmental emergency becomes urgent. We wish to
underline how the mission to Kabul organised within this Project was made
possible by the scientific relationship established with the registered
charity Smile Train Italia Onlus, which operates in Afghanistan and takes
part in this Project.

Programme Summary
Registration. Thursday October, 2 2008. 2:00 p.m.
Official Opening with the Rector of University of Tuscia, Professor Marco
Mancini. 2:30 p.m.
Opening. Thursday 3:00 p.m.
Opening. Friday 9:00 a.m.

Presenters and Titles: Thursday, October 2 and Friday, October 3 2008.
(the order of the presentations will be confirmed in the opening

Selay Ghaffar (Afghanistan), Director of the Humanitarian Assistance for
the Women and Children of Afghanistan:
Under the Shadow of the War Lords and Fundamentalists. The Conditions of
Life of Women and Children in Afghanistan.

Arif Oryakhail (Afghanistan), Head of Public Health Programme, Italian
Cooperation for Development:
The Socio-sanitary Condition of Afghani Women.

Simona Lanzoni (Italy), Project Director, Pangea Onlus Foundation
registered charity:
Afghani Women Acquisition of the Awareness of their Personal Rights.

Ilaria Moneta, M.D. (Italy), Paediatrician:
Parenting in Kabul: Perspective of a Paediatrician in Afghanistan.

Commander Roberto Faccani (Italy), Chief of IT Bassa Romagna Civil
Defence (intermunicipal organization), Lugo (Italy):
Humanitarian Missions, the Italian Regional Contribution in Afghanistan,
and the Collapse of the Sanitary System.

Fabio Massimo Abenavoli, M.D. (Italy), Surgeon, President of Smile Train
Italia Onlus registered charity:
The Smile Train Missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan.

Francesca Paris (Italy), Children’s Nurse, Smile Train Italia Onlus
registered charity and Marina Battista (Italy), Children’s Nurse:
The Socio-sanitary Condition of the Population in Pakistan.

Houzan Mahmoud (Iraq), representative abroad of Women’s Freedom in Iraq:
War and Gender Persecution in Iraq. The Religious and Cultural Oppression
of Kurdish Women.

Ignazio Serra (Italy), Nurse specialised in emergency surgery and Sundus
Maabad Hamad (Iraq), Translator and independent scholar:
A Male Nurse in Baghdad: the Socio-sanitary Condition of the Population
in Iraq..

Davide Morabito (Italy), Documentarian:
“A Place in Paradise”: Images of Iraqi Women. Reportage.

Fadwa Al-Labadi (Palestine), Director of INSAN Center for Women and
Gender Studies, University of Al-Quds:
The Female Condition in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the Role
of Women and Women's Organization in Palestine's Recent History. Facts
and Perspectives.

Fadwa Khader (Palestine), General Director of Rural Women’s Development
Female Empowerment and Women’s Agricultural Cooperatives in the Occupied
Palestinian Territories.

Joumana Abourousse Moufarege (Lebanon), Administrative Bureau Director,
National Commission for Lebanese Women:
Women’s Condition in Lebanon: Dynamics of Change, Factors of Blockage and

Magida Bou Dagher Kharrat (Lebanon), Department of Biological and Earth
Sciences, University of Saint Joseph, Beirut:
Lebanon, the Green Jewel of the Orient, Between Splendour and Catastrophe.

Hassania Chalbi-Drissi (Tunisia, Morocco), FEMNET Board Member, African
Women’s Development and Communication Network:
Feminism in Maghreb.

Alessia Tribuiani (Italy), Expert attached to the Office for Cooperation,
Italian Embassy, Tunis:
Notes on the Evolution of the Female Condition in Tunisia from the
Independence to date.

Rachida Tlili Sellaouti (Tunisia), University of La Manouba, Département
Interculturalism and Universalism through the Lens of Women’s Scientific
and Cultural Production in Tunisia.

Fosca Nomis (Italy), Coordinator Campaigns and Advocacy Save the Children
Italia Onlus registered charity:
Girls’ Rights to Education in Countries at War and Post-War.

Federica Fiorucci (Italy), Independent scholar:
The Human and Environmental Catastrophe of Antipersonnel Landmines: the
Case of Afghanistan.

Omar Hussen Abdulcadir M.D. (Italy), Gynaecologist and Lucrezia Catania
M.D. (Italy), Gynaecologist and Sexologist. Respectively, Director and
Superintendent of Research, Centro di Ricerca per la Prevenzione e la
Cura delle Complicazioni derivanti dalle Mutilazioni Genitali Femminili:
Female Genital Mutilations. Physiopathological Side Effects, Health and
Psychological Aspects. The Role of Tradition and Its Taboos.

Giuseppe De Marzo (Italy), Spokesperson for Associazione A Sud, and
Centro di Documentazione Conflitti Ambientali dei Sud del Mondo:
Environmental Conflicts, Nature Rights, Defence of the Local Economies in
the Era of Globalization.

Saturday, October 4. 9:30 a.m. Balletti Park Hotel in San Martino al
Cimino (Viterbo)

Final Reflections and Discussion.
Round Table on Women, Society, Culture and Research in Central Asia,
Middle East and North Africa.
Convenors: Francesca Saggini, and the Coordinator of the Research
Project, Fabienne Charlotte Oräzie Vallino. Participants: Nadia Boccara,
Anna Lo Giudice, Irene Cusmano and Guests from Afghanistan, the Middle
East and Maghreb.

The following Italian junior researchers will present their works to the
foreign guests:
Emma Sanna:
Women’s Condition in Afghanistan and the Associations for the
Safeguarding of Women’s Rights.
Stefania Pizzotti:
Notes on the Evolution of the Women’s Condition in Iraq.
Maria Bini:
The Movements for the Female Empowerment in the Middle East.
Maria Letizia Tredicucci:
Historical Notes on the Movements for Female Emancipation in Egypt: from
the Nadha to Today’s Voices.
Cristina Papini:
Historical Notes on the Movements for Female Emancipation in Algeria.

All welcome. There are no registration fees.
Please e-mail your registration, along with a contact phone number, by
September 28, 2008 to the Scientific Secretary , and in copy to the address of the
Coordinator .
Once you have registered remember to make a print out of this Programme,
which will guarantee you the entrance to the Conference.

The Office of the Dean, Faculty of Modern Languages, and the Departments
promoting the Research Project DISU, CICLAMO, DAF

Research Coordinator and Responsible First Research Unit Fabienne
Charlotte Oräzie Vallino
Responsible Second Research Unit Francesca Saggini
Scientific Secretary Barbara Mechelli
Webmaster and Technical Secretary Federico Vessella

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