CFP: [Gender Studies] Trans/Gender Migrations

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Trystan T. Cotten
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Trans/Gender Migrations: Bodies, Borders,
and the (Geo)Politics of Gender Crossing

Editor: Trystan T. Cotten
Deadline for abstracts: January 15, 2009
Deadline for complete essays: April 1, 2009

Concepts of “migration” and “travel” abound in the field of Transgender
Studies. Many transgender cultural productions explore questions of
identity and transition trajectories using metaphors of home,
displacement, relocation, etc. To our knowledge there are no full length
text(s) or monographs that treat the many possibilities of critical,
scholarly investigation on this subject in TG history, identity, and
art/cultural production. We are proposing a volume of criticism to fill
the void and invite contributions for an interdisciplinary collection on
the topic. Broadly conceived Trans/Gender Migrations will explore, trace,
and map the myriad meanings and functions of “migration” and “travel” in
transgender cultural production, politics, and identity/subjectivity,
including related concepts of movement and location like space (and
spatiality), place, border(s), bridge(s), home, expatriation,
displacement, relocation, etc.

We welcome essays from all academic disciplines and scholarly fields and
provide some suggestions. Essays might examine these concepts and
metaphors in transgender identities (and subjectivities), politics, and
cultural productions like literature, film, dance and other performance
arts, photography, music, body-art, etc. Or, how TG Studies is itself an
interdisciplinary field of methodologies, theories, concepts, and
knowledges that are imported from other disciplinary and artistic sites.
When and where do western definitions of transgender (and transsexuality)
fail to translate across cultural and geographical borders? Other
possible topics include exploring the multiple crossings of gender/sex
transitions: how the crossing of borders of sex/gender entails other
shifts in identity and subjectivity like social class, race and
ethnicity, national and religious identity, etc. What additional borders
are crossed in sex/gender transitions? Essays might also examine the
surgical re-mapping and re-routing of bodily tissues, nerves, organs, and
chemicals on TG and TS bodies. Other topics for exploration might include
how sex/gender transitions effect migrations to new sexual and political
communities; how the politics of race, class, gender, (trans)sexuality
intersect with or manifest in immigration policies of the state; and what
politics of sex, gender, (trans)sexuality are operative in the forced
displacement and relocation of peoples.

Send a 500 word abstract, working title, and brief biographical statement
(MS Word or PDF) to Trystan Cotten by January 15, 2009 at: Please send a brief biographical statement along
with your abstract. Completed essays (formatted in Chicago guidelines)
are due by April 1, 2009.

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