UPDATE: [Gender Studies] Queers in American Popular Culture

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Jim Elledge
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I’m writing to invite your members to submit one or more essays to a three-volume series that
I’m editing called QUEERS IN AMERICAN POPULAR CULTURE. Praeger will publish the book.

Content breakdown: The volumes’ content will be divided into broad topics:
Volume I. Film, TV, Radio, and the Internet
Volume II. Music, Theater, Popular Art, Fashion, and Popular Literature
Volume III. Sports, Leisure, and Lifestyle

Essay length: I expect to publish approximately 15 essays per volume, with each essay running
around 7,000 to 7,600 words (28 to 30 manuscript pages) in length. HOWEVER, I’m very
interested in seeing shorter or longer essays of exceptional quality, so don’t let the length of
your work deter you from submitting.

Previously published essays: Although I’m committed to including previously unpublished essays,
I ***may*** use a very small amount of previously published work. In such cases, the author will
be responsible for obtaining reprint permissions and for paying any reprint fee.

Audience: The three-volume set will be mainly marketed to libraries. Please keep technical
language to a minimum.

Honorarium: Authors will receive 1 copy of the book.

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: (1) Send a briefâ€"200- to 300-wordâ€"description or informal abstract of
your project to jelledg1_at_kennesaw.edu. You may send it in the body of an email. Please use
“Description of Essay for QAPC” in the subject box.
Or (2) if you have an essay already on hand, feel free send that instead as a separate word
document or a PDF.

Mar. 31, 2009: I’ll have contacted potential contributors about their descriptions/abstracts or
their essays.

Aug. 31, 2009: All essays are due by this date.

Oct. 31, 2009: I’ll send acceptances to contributors. Acceptances may include suggestions for
brief revisions.

Nov. 1, 2009: I’ll send the ms. to the publisher.

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