CFP: [Gender Studies] CFP: Speaking From The Margins: Feminist Perspectives -Grad, undergrad, and postgrad conf! 02/06/09

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Benjamin Tucker
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Speaking From the Margins:

Feminist Perspectives

The 11th Annual FAU Women's Studies Graduate Student Association Symposium

Friday, March 20, 2009

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Jennifer Vest

Spoken Word Poet and Assistant Professor

Department of Philosophy, University of Central Florida

The goal of this conference is to cross disciplinary boundaries and to
bring together feminist perspectives on marginality and voice. This
symposium is an opportunity for scholars from multiple disciplines to
present their ongoing research, including class papers, theses, and

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Students and Scholars in the Visual and Performing Arts are invited to
submit proposals for exhibits or creative performances.

The marginalized are silenced, erased, and invisible people. This mechanism
of marginalization and its oppressive effects of silence, erasure, and
invisibility have consistently been a central focus of many approaches to
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies across disciplinary boundaries. The
marginal occupy a paradoxical position in the social world, as a result of
this paradoxical status many debates within Women's, Gender, and Sexuality
Studies have implicitly centered around questions regarding the virtues
and/or vices of marginality: the liberal assimilation of the marginal vs
the radical separatism of the marginal, the epistemological privilege of
the marginal vs the marginal's lack of access to mainstream information,
the exclusion of the marginal from Western health care practices and
scientific research vs the virtue of marginal folk health care practices
and native science, the silencing of marginal voices from the public sphere
vs the benefits of unmonitored speech, etc. The goal of this conference is
to bring Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies implicit focus on
marginality and its effects to the forefront of academic inquiry in order
to foster explicit discussions on marginality across disciplinary
boundaries. Potential paper topics could address the following questions,
but all papers are encouraged to be submitted and will be gladly accepted
for consideration:


      What does it mean to live in the margins?

      How does marginal status differ from minority status?

      How is the concept of marginality changed by post-colonial theory and
inclusion of the third-world?

      What physical consequences does marginality have in terms of specific
health care practices, reproductive rights, governmental assistance
programs, and/or scientific research?

      How does marginality function in/across different spiritual,
familial, or cultural traditions?

      How can critical pedagogy best deal with the complexities of marginality?

      What unique challenges does considering marginal and or queer sexual
orientations/desires and gender presentations pose to any of the other
questions of marginality addressed here?

      What kind of complications surround the voices of the marginal in
terms of listening and speaking?

To apply, please submit a one-page abstract. (Individual or collective
submissions are welcome)

The abstract should include:

(1) A brief description of the proposed topic,

(2) An explanation of how the topic relates to Women's Studies' scholarship
or gender analysis,

(3) A thesis statement.

Please include your name, address, telephone number, email, institutional
affiliation and the title of your paper at the top of the page. Abstract
submissions should be sent via email to:

All abstracts must be received by Friday, February 6, 2009

Final decisions on the submitted abstracts will be sent no later than
February 27, 2009.

For more information, please contact Katy Smith at

Presented by

Women's Studies Graduate Student Association and Women's Studies Center

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