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Ayana Harris
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Hi, is anyone writing on Octavia Butler who would like to be on a panel at
National Women's Studies Association Conference? We Need 2-5 more
presenters and a non-presenting moderator. Please see Conference
is in Atlanta, GA November 12-15, 2009 Atlanta, GA. Angela Davis will be
there! I am a grad student who wants to present at the conference. Please
contact me at by Feb 10, 2009. with a 250 word
proposal that will fit into the category below. Please include: your name,
school affiliation, address, phone and fax #s with your and abstract a 50
to 100 word (mini abstract) along with the longer 250 word abstract.

Many Thanks! Ayana Harris

Negotiating the Politics of Memory

“Issues of public memory, collective memory, and personal memory have been
central to feminist scholarship and activism. Focusing on the politics of
memory raises questions about whose stories, voices, lives, and histories
have been documented (in what ways and by whom) versus whose have been
ignored (in what ways and by whom). Engaging with the politics of memory
means examining who has been conceived as an agent of history and whose
subjectivity has been acknowledged as tagential: it also means documenting
and exploring the ways in which marginalized groups have sought to shift or
to transform memory.
· How can we intervene in dominant/hegemonic stories and histories? What
approaches aid in excavating and articulating subjugated perspectives?
· Whose collective trauma or suffering is considered exemplary, and whose
is marginalized or silenced? Whose legacies of resistance are remembered?
Whose are not?
· What are the meanings of silences, gaps and absences? Can everything be
told or articulated? What politics lie within the unspeakable? How do we
account for stories or histories that cannot be told?
· How have art, music, literature, and other creative projects offered an
important archive of memory and site of resistance? How have marginalized
groups plumbed history’s silences in the creative realm?
· How do we best uncover, document, and think about the lives of radical
women, past and present? How have radical women sought to intervene in the
politics of memory, whether through political action, the creative arts, or
in scholarship?”

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