CFP: [Gender Studies] Queer Utopias

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Crystal Son Brownell

Conference Title: (dis)junctions 2009, April 3-4, 2009

UC Riverside

Panel Title: Queer Utopias and Dystopias

At the 2005 MLA convention a debate raged around Lee Edelman’s
controversial work No Future. In it he argues in a vein similar to Leo
Bersani in Homos that queers are under no imperative to be good citizens.
Edelman argues that queers are the very figure of “nonproductivity” and a
bold critique of humanism. He advises the utter rejection of current gay
and lesbian “fads” such as equal rights to marriage and family. If queers
reject the trend for reproductive equality, they also reject the idealizing
impulse that the future in the place of the Child (with a capital “C” or
fantasy child) represents, in essence revealing the perverse core of an
incoherent exploitative civility/civilization built on negativity.
Despite the excitement generated by Edelman’s argument, other queer
theorists have argued the inverseâ€"queers have nothing but a future. Jose
Munoz argues that queers, particularly the queer child of color, have yet
to achieve the level of human that a certain kind of humanism would laude
and protect. Munoz’s most recent text, Cruising Utopia, is a rumination on
this thesis and one we’re particularly interested in having represented on
this panel although all sides of the anti-social thesis both pro and con
are welcomed.
Papers are requested about any of the following topics (although not
limited to them):

• queer utopias (spaces, geographies, historical movements, theoretical pieces)
• the antisocial thesis as represented by Lee Edelman
• the antisocial thesis as represented by Judith Halberstam
• Leo Bersani’s work Homos
• Jose Munoz’s work on utopia
• sexual utopias and dystopias
• queer feminisms
• queer of color communities and humanism
• queer politics and humanist ideals
• queer citizenship
• new media, gaming, and queer “identity politics”

Please send a 250-300 word abstract and a one page CV to by 2/20/09.

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