CFP: [General] Neo-formalism (Essay Collection): 8/1/8

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Verena Theile
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CFP: Neo-formalism (Essay Collection)

We invite contributions to a proposed collection of essays that examine or
apply neo-formalism as a vehicle of literary inquiry. Increasingly scholars
reevaluate form and aesthetics as a starting point of literary analysis,
thereby suggesting a renewed need for reflection upon the legacy of the New
Critics and the future of formalism and the ways in which cultural
criticism and contextual analysis intersect with and inform these approaches.

As we gather contributions for a proposed collection that engages both
formalism as a literary-theoretical movement and formalist approaches to
literature, we are particularly interested in addressing the following

1) Critical inquiry into the nature of formalism as a literary-theoretical
• In what ways is neo-formalism meaningfully different from New Criticism
as well as New Historicism?
• What are its points of intersection with other theoretical approaches,
such gender studies, queer theory, post-structuralism, New Historicism,
cultural materialism, etc.?
• What are the political motivations of a return to formalism?
• Is neo-formalism an extension of contextual readings and/or a
revitalizing of if not return to aesthetic readings?
• Is neo-formalism a movement or a theory, and what’s at stake in the
difference between these two definitions?
• At what point does a literary movement become theory?
• And how does a movement develop its own distinct methodology?

2) Neo-formalist approaches to literature
• How does a fusing of form and context lead to deeper insights into a
specific literary text?
• How do the aesthetics of an individual text guide our reading of context?
We invite critical engagements with literary texts from all genres and
across all periods.

Please submit 750-1000 word abstracts and a brief biographical sketch or cv
as attachments (WORD.doc) to the editors, Linda Tredennick
( and Verena Theile (
Non-electronic submissions may be sent to the addresses listed below. The
submission deadline for all abstracts is August 1, 2008:

Dr. Linda Tredennick Dr. Verena Theile
Department of English Department of English
Gonzaga University Gonzaga University
502 E. Boone Ave. 502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane WA 99582-0102 Spokane, WA 99258-0102

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