CFP: [General] Traditional Knowledge Conference, 8 - 11 June 2008

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Phoebe Fletcher
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Traditional Knowledge Conference, 8 â€" 11 June 2008
Te Tatau Pounamu: The Greenstone Door
The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Following on from our previous Conferences in 2004 and 2006, the Traditional Knowledge 2008
Conference focuses on traditional indigenous concepts, values, ideals, models and strategies for
sustaining balanced and healthy relationships within and across families, communities, nations,
nation-states, local, regional and global borders, territories and environments.

The Conference will provide opportunities to discuss indigenous strategies for sustaining
relationships between collectives and over generations, for resolving conflict, for peace-making,
reconciliation and restorative justice. There will also be opportunities to share what has been
learned from diverse contexts around the world about how indigenous models, values, concepts
and processes have been incorporated into state or government initiatives and with what impact
for indigenous peoples. The international conference with associated community workshops and
satellite meetings enables us to bring together in dialogue a wide range of participants,
perspectives, voices, frameworks and models for understanding indigenous frameworks.

Abstracts for the conference are due in by 30 April, 2008. For guidelines on submission, please

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