CFP: [American] Claiming Space in Edith Wharton's Novels(NeMLA, 4/10-1/13/2008; 9/15/2007)

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Miranda Green-Barteet
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In The House of Mirth, Lily Bart, while visiting Lawrence Selden's
apartment, declares "How delicious to have a place like this all to one's
self! What a miserable thing it is to be a woman." Here, Lily speaks to
the unwritten rule that women of her set cannot live alone. Although her
declaration is somewhat flippant, it speaks to her desire to have a space,
whether physical or metaphorical, of her own, a space where she can live
according to her own desires rather than following those of society. This
panel will explore the role of physical and metaphorical spaces in Edith
Wharton's novels. The panel will specifically address Wharton's female
characters and the ways they experience, manipulate, and claim space. As
recent scholarship on Wharton has begun to examine her interest in
architecture and interior design, this panel is significant as it will
consider the ways Wharton's interest in these fields affected her fictional
works, particularly her female characters' relationships with space.

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