CFP: [General] ACLA 2009 : The art of seduction, global language and local figures

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mathilde branthomme

ACLA 2009 Convention
March 26-29, 2009
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

The art of seduction, global language and local figures

Seminar Organizer: Mathilde Branthomme, U de Montréal

Seduction requires being able to recognize signs, interpret them and know
how to play with them. Each culture develops their own signs, gestures and
their own seduction language. Seduction implies complicity and
understanding but it can also involve half-truths where the one who masters
the signs wins. “Our old friend Don Juan” (Byron) embodies a specific
seduction, one which is different from the seduction of Johannes,
Kierkegaard’s hero in The Seducer’s Diary. His seductive approach is
distinctive from the sensual seduction of a Marylin or a Penelope. This
panel will explore the different forms of seduction proposed within a world
culture. Papers should discuss the dialogue and complicity created by
seduction while presenting figures of seduction from literary, artistic and
philosophical perspectives. They should also analyze the contemporary
impact of these figures on a global language.

- What are our contemporary figures of seduction in literature, in art, in
film studies?
- Are our ancient models of seduction still enticing, or have they become
- Are local figures of seduction able to work outside of a definite culture?
- How do we represent seduction and relate to figures of seduction?
- How do we respond to hegemonic figures of seducers or seductresses?
- Is seduction an oppressive language or the possibility for a true
dialogue, complicity between us?
- How does seduction allow a non-authoritarian relationship?
- How do literary languages seduce?

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