CFP: [General] Sociology of the Body

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Jason Whitesel
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North Central Sociological Association
2009 Conference (
April 16-18
Hyatt Regency â€" Dearborn, Michigan

Session on "Body, Culture and Society"
Organizer: Jason Whitesel
Ohio State University

Sociologists are well poised to talk about the role of the body in
sociological research. They can study how groups organize around their
bodies and the ways that the body figures into matters of self- and
collective-identity. This session will highlight current work on the
sociology of the body, theorize the body in relation to culture and social
identity, and focus on the critical analysis of research in areas such as
disability studies, fat studies and sexualities. Topics may include, but
are not limited to:

-Body techniques
-Body symbolism
-Alternative body practices
-Representations of working bodies
-Old age
-Body politics
-Disciplined bodies
-Body projects
-Unruly Bodies
-Transgender bodies
-Queer- and fat-affirming bodies
-What constitutes pleasurable bodies?
-Abject bodies
-Inside/outside distinctions of the body
-Contamination and pollution
-Orifices of the body
-Bodily performance of identity
-Bodies on the internet
-Body modification
-Cosmetic surgery
-Physical Difference and otherness
-The body and the experience of illness
-The maternal body
-The body and desire
-Religions perspectives on the body

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