CFP: [General] Media Ecologies (InterCulture e-journal, 12/01/08)

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Katheryn Wright

Call for Papers: InterCulture (e-journal) for volume 6, issue 1
Media Ecologies
Deadline for Submission: December 1, 2008

InterCulture is a peer-reviewed e-journal seeking academic papers (3,000 to
6,000 words), reviews (1,000 to 3,000 words) and creative work pertaining
to the theme "Media Ecologies" due on December 1, 2008.

Recognizing that no medium exists in isolation, media ecology is a critical
practice that studies media as dynamic and evolving systems. While this
practice often looks to Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media (1964) or
Harold Innis’s The Bias of Communication (1951) as foundational texts
analyzing the effect of media forms on human communication, a media
ecological impulse crosses disciplinary boundaries and has seeped into
conversations about perception, affect, the virtual, spectatorship,
biopolitics, digital art, fandom, and political economy. InterCulture
requests submissions that examine the dynamism of media in motion. We are
interested in historical, political, economic, and cross-cultural
approaches as well as work demonstrating the possibilities for media
ecology in the study of fine art, music, literature, film, television, and
digital technologies.

Possible subjects include, but are not limited to the study of:
---media-rich environments
---the screen
---affective capacities of media
---ecological crisis
---the virtual
---the public sphere
---theme parks, sporting venues
---the post-televisual or post-cinematic

Being an interdisciplinary journal, we welcome work from any discipline, as
well as interviews, photo essays, videos, and creative writing. We are also
interested in publishing reviews on academic texts, fiction, film, art
exhibitions, video games, or any other cultural objects. These could range
from traditional reviews to more creative think pieces that study an
advertisement, for example. Feel free to write the editor
( if you want feedback on any ideas for a
review you have in mind.

All citations must use the MLA format. Please include a 100 â€" 200 word
abstract with your submission that will be included alongside your paper
should it be published. No abstract is required for reviews. For more
information regarding the submission of creative work or other inquiries,
see the “Submission Guidelines” on InterCulture’s website at

Please send submissions via e-mail to:
Katheryn Wright, Managing Editor of InterCulture <>
Department of Interdisciplinary Humanities, Florida State University

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