CFP: [General] Undergraduate Conference for Critical and Creative Engagement: Open Topic

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Michelle Parkinson

Undergraduate Conference for Critical and Creative Engagement: Open
Topic (10/2/2009)

This third annual undergraduate academic and creative conference at
University of Wisconsin â€" River Falls invites students from all majors to
present critical papers on literature, and creative writing on any

Presentation time â€" which may consist of the reading of a creative work
or works, the reading of a paper, a poster presentation and discussion,
or a more formal “talk” â€" is limited to fifteen minutes; presentations
will be clustered into one-hour panels to allow time for thematic
discussion after the presentations. Panel proposals are also welcome.

Undergraduate students should send a maximum 300-hundred word abstract or
summary â€" a brief description of proposed topic, texts, and approach; or
for creative work, a brief discussion of the piece or pieces â€" to Dr.
Michelle Parkinson at Emails should have
the subject line “Undergraduate Conference.” Students should include in
the email a brief statement regarding their 1) university affiliation, 2)
major, and, 3) the email address of the recommending faculty member
familiar with the student’s work who can be contacted via email for
confirmation. Deadline April 30, 2009.

Please contact Dr. Parkinson if you have any questions about the

Conference Website:

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