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Albertina Foundation


With 2009 in sight, Albertina Foundation tenders fifteen opportunities for
2.5-years-PhD-scholarships, which are meant for PhD-students in an early
stage of their dissertation process (only students within the 1st year of
their dissertation process are considered).

The "Albertina Foundation Graduate Curriculum" is highly interested in
international representation and encourages international students to apply.

Applicants interested in pursuing a doctorate with an emphasis in 'Literary
Study,' 'Literary Theory' or 'Philosophy and/of/as Literature' must have a
completed M.A. degree.

Grants are awarded for a period of 2.5 years with the possibility of a
semi-annual extension; scholarships amount to 1.540 Euro per month, as well
as grants for academic travelling and publication


To enter the blind-reviewing process by referees from distinguished
Universities in Europe and the USA, please submit the following documents:

1. COVER LETTER: The short cover letter includes all contact details of the
applicant. We only accept the cover letter as PDF-FILE.

2. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The Statement of Purpose should be in English, NO
LONGER than three pages and provide a clear picture of the applicant's
academic and professional background and interests. We only accept this
document as PDF-FILE.

3. A CURRICULUM VITAE in English. We only accept this document as PDF-FILE.

4. OUTLINE OF DISSERTATION PROJECT: The outline encompasses 12 to 17 pages
and should be written in English. The outline should include a summary of
the subject in question, referring to the state of research and
highlighting theoretical and empirical debates on the topic and deficits in
the literature that the dissertation would address. The outline should
include a section referring to the specific objectives and methods of the
project as well as a bibliography of recent research within the given field.

The following structure of the outline is suggested:

- aim, scope and subject-matter of the study,
- method of the approach,
- structure of the study with a short outline of each section
- state of research,
- preliminary research bibliography,
- timetable

We only accept the outline of the dissertation project as MS-WORD-FILE.


Each application is send to two referees in international departments of
literary study. Until a final decision is reached, the applicant's name is
not made known to consultant referees and the advisory board.

The DEADLINE for applications is January, 26th 2009 but every application
that is suggested by two referees will be granted the scholarship right
away until all 15 scholarships are being awarded. Thus, send your
application as soon as possible.

Please send all applications (or questions), per - email only - to:

Albertina Foundation, December 2009.

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