CFP: [General] The Fifth Conference on Religion, Literature, and the Arts: Reading the Book of Nature

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Daniel Boscaljon

The Fifth Conference on Religion, Literature, and the Arts:
Reading the Book of Nature
April 2-4, 2009

The Conference on Religion, Literature, and the Arts is an
interdisciplinary meeting held at the University of Iowa and sponsored by
the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and its Departments of Religious
Studies and English. This year’s topicâ€"Reading the Book of Natureâ€"focuses
on the many ways that artists and thinkers from all traditions interpret
the meaning and significance of human emplacement in the “natural” world.

The plenary speakers for the conference are Professor Michael E. Zimmerman,
the Director of the Center for Humanities and the Arts at the University of
Colorado and Professor David Jasper, Director of the Center for Literature
and Theology at the University of Glasgow. Professor Zimmerman will speak
on “Singularity, Posthumanism, and the End of Human/Nature.” Professor
Jasper will speak on themes related to his recent work on The Sacred Body.
There will also be a series of papers presented by faculty from Iowa and
Scotland representing different perspectives on the conference theme to be
held Friday afternoon.

We invite critical and theoretical papers that reflect on art, religion, or
literature as these domains interact with "nature" (in a narrow or broad
sense of the term). Graduate students are especially encouraged to submit
proposals. The “General Sessions” portion of the conference will be held
on Saturday and will feature papers no more than twenty minutes in length
to be presented in concurrent sessions, divided into the following panels:

1) Reading (and Writing) the Book of Nature in Religion and Literature
2) Living Well on the Earth: Ethics and Examples of Human Flourishing
3) Redefining “Nature”: Scientific and Philosophical Expansions
4) Theology, Nature, and the Integrity of Life
5) Depicting Nature in Art and Literature
6) Relations between Mythic Floods and the Flood of 2008: Interpreting
“Sustainability” on the River’s Edge
7) Dwelling in a World of Our Own Remaking: Philosophical Confrontations
with Nature

Submission of Abstracts:
Submit paper title and an abstract of no more than 350 words, along with
your name, institutional affiliation (if applicable), street address,
telephone number, and email address by 20 February 2009. Send abstracts and
questions to

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