CFP: [General] Representing the British Civil Wars 1660-2009

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Jerome de Groot

Representing the British Civil Wars 1660-2009: Adaptation, Reflection, Transmission, Debate
University of Manchester, 4-6 December, 2009

This conference considers the ways in which the conflict period of the 1640s and 1650s have
been manifest in culture, political thought, historiography and popular imagination, from
Southey’s Life of Oliver Cromwell to Clarendon, from To Kill a King to the imminent film of
Paradise Lost. The conference looks at cultural appropriation and the ways in which particular
representational tropes have been developed and perpetuated.

Sessions and panels might consider immediate post-Restoration versions of the conflict, or
consider how radical theories of liberty and rights influenced political philosophy during the
eighteenth century. Why is the notion of civil dispute still so potent in British culture, and why is
the Cavalier/ Roundhead binary so difficult to get rid of? How have the complexities of the
conflict been represented? What of the complex and continuing historiography? Which cultural
clichés have become associated with the wars of this period? How have writers, dramatists,
novelists, poets and filmmakers adapted texts from the time and how have they imagined the

Papers might consider the versions of the war found in popular novels, in drama, in film and in
poetry, portraiture and song. Of particular interest might be the following: Iain Pears, David
Kinloch, Cromwell, Witchfinder General, Great Britons, Tristram Hunt, popular historical writing,
The Devil’s Whore, Scott’s Woodstock, Antonia Fraser, documentary series, docudrama, By the
Sword Divided, historiographical paradigms (conflict/ contention, civil war/ revolution/ war of
three kingdoms), wargames, boardgames, adaptation, bespoke computer game hacks, museums
and exhibits.

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