UPDATE: Politics and Doxa (5/15/04; journal issue)

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Melanie Conroy
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We are extending the deadline for submissions to May 15th, 2004 for our
Fall 2004 issue.

Call for papers: Politics and Doxa.

Theory_at_buffalo is an interdisciplinary journal which invites scholars
to submit articles for its 2004 issue (#9) on the theme of "Politics and

For Western philosophy doxa seems to have been the main enemy, while
episteme is the privileged field for thought. This Platonic strain works
its way through Kant and Hegel and all the way to the phenomenological
tradition. This animosity towards doxa can be felt in the work of
contemporary thinkers working beyond these traditions; from Deleuze and
Guattari to Alain Badiou and Jean-Luc Nancy, many thinkers have taken
positions against doxa, sensus communis or opinion. Many of these
radical anti-doxa discourses are now so familiar as to become themselves
commonsense. But there is a new discourse on doxa, in which the old
concept interfaces with a third element - namely politics. In the recent
work of Ernesto Laclau, for instance, doxa can be equated with rhetoric,
and, therefore, a new relationship between doxa and thought must be
negotiated. This rethinking of doxa from the perspective of a theory of
radical left politics -- and with an eye to hegemonic structures --
completely recasts doxas relationship to the social. If doxa is
reconsidered, what other projects become possible?

We welcome submissions recasting 'anti-doxastic' thinkers or presenting
new theories of doxa and its relationship to politics.

Possible topics might include: politics of postmodern doxa(s); opinion
and radical democracy; capitalism and the paradise/inferno of doxa; the
event and quotidian politics; politics and thought; good sense, common
sense and consensus, etc.

Submissions are welcome from any disciplinary field including social
theory, literary studies, political theory, philosophy, cultural
studies, media studies, etc. Submissions should be 10,000 words maximum.
Please send two blind copies with a cover page, on paper or a disk to
the address below.

Or, send an e-version of the paper as an attachment in Microsoft Word to

Theory_at_buffalo also accepts book reviews. Book reviews do not have
to be on the topic of Politics and Doxa and should be 1,200 words
maximum. See our web site for detailed submission guidelines:

The deadline for essay and review submissions is the 15th of May 2004
(extended deadline).

Send submissions or queries by mail to:
638 Clemens Hall
Department of Comparative Literature
University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York 14260, USA

Or email:
Melanie Conroy (mrconroy_at_buffalo.edu) Sorin Radu Cucu (srcucu_at_buffalo.edu)

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