CFP: The Politics of (Post) Counter Culture Visual Rhetoric (11/30/06, SGES, 2/16/07-2/18/07)

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Southwest Graduate English Symposium
  Arizona State University
  February 16 - 18 2007
  The Violent (Re)turn to Ethics?: Implications, Complications, and Situations
  The Politics of (Post) Counter Cultural Visual Rhetoric
              This panel seeks to investigate, interpolate, and interrogate newly mainstream notions of public visual rhetoric. Until recently tattoos, graffiti, wheat pastings, and stencils (among other forms of expression) were considered by a majority of the public to represent the dangerous side of society. How has the shift in perspective on these topics affected these formerly "dangerous" communities? How do these forms of visual rhetoric create communities previously unavailable in the mainstream? How can these visual expressions be read and by whom? Is the recent shift toward acceptance positive or negative, and for whom? Do these notions of visual rhetoric break boundaries or introduce new ones? How does our cultural climate allow room for these formerly feared displays?
              The Southwest Graduate English Symposium at Arizona State University is asking for twenty minute presentations that focus on any of these questions as well as speak back to other academic and public fields (gender, race, science, technology, religion, art, history, philosophy, politics, etc.). The conference is inclusive and also welcomes creative interpretations of the topic. Please send 300 word abstracts of paper submissions to attention: Stephanie.

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